Project Description
Convergent Revenue Cycle Management (Formerly Attorneys Healthcare AHC) has over 30 years’ experience in RCM working with some of the largest health systems in the United States and California. Our expertise in RCM includes Insurance, Patient Balance outsourcing and patient Bad Debt. On the Insurance side, we are an Attorney based company with over 75 Attorneys, Utilization Review Nurses and staff over 300+ who work on all types of Third-Party Insurance Denials, Denial Management programs, Workers Compensation and MVA claims. Our low Attorney to claim ratio sets us apart which leads to results for our clients. Our Attorneys are current on all State and Federal laws and regulations. Our Attorneys write payment demands and appeal letters helping our clients adjudicate claims. We also provide clients with copies of payment demands and appeals letters as well as onsite educational workshops complimentary. Patient balance outsourcing is very successful at Convergent. We provide dedicated staffing client specific and host an umbrella of services, digital processes, statement processes, lockbox services, payment portal services and payment plan management programs. This program is supported by advanced call center technology to provide patients with seamless interaction and self-service capabilities between you and your physicians. Patients communicate electronically utilizing our PCIL 1 compliant credit card processes or with one your dedicated Patient Advocates. Our digital Text messaging and e-Statements communicate with millennials as well as older tech savvy patient populations wanting to go “green” on paying. Our national KPI’s, reporting, workflows are customized to each client and programming utilizes client file layouts and formats which is implementation friendly. Convergent Healthcare Recoveries is our 100% healthcare collection agency where our collection officers have an average 15 years of experience. Each of our collection officers have high EQ capabilities and understand treating patients with dignity facilitates more payments.

For more information, please contact Paul Morino at or 951-371-2350.