Project Description
Centauri Health Solutions provides services to payors and providers across all healthcare programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Exchange. In partnership with our clients, we improve the lives and health outcomes of the members and patients we touch through compassionate outreach, sophisticated analytics, and data-driven solutions. Our services directly address complex problems such as uncompensated care within health systems; appropriate, risk-adjusted revenue for specialized sub-populations; and improve access to and quality of care measurement. As a leading provider of technology-enabled analytics and services, Centauri helps health systems to manage their variable revenue through our Enrollment & Eligibility, Out-of-State Medicaid, Revenue Cycle Analytics and Referral Management and Analytics solutions. We help clients optimize revenue cycle management, while helping their patients realize quality-of-life improvements. With nearly 35 years of experience helping patients enroll in government-funded assistance programs, we understand that their health extends beyond their medical care. That’s why our Social Determinants of Health program proactively pinpoints gaps in resources and connects members with health-enhancing programs in their communities. Centauri is charting a new path in healthcare with power to solve and passion to serve.