Mindy Scher

Email: mscher@xtendhealthcare.net
Bio: Click Here

Terri Meier CHFP, CSMC, CSBI

President Elect
Email: temeier@ucsd.edu
Bio: Click Here

Basak Kaya

Vice President
Email: Basak.kaya@sharp.com
Bio: Click Here

Fahd Benjalil

Immediate Past President
Email: Fahd.Benjalil@sharp.com
Bio: Click Here

Shannon Vanderbilt

Email: s1vanderbilt@ucsd.edu

Andrew Widen

Email: Andrew.Widen@sharp.com

Jeffery Reid

Membership Co-Chair
Email: Jeffery.Reid@sharp.com

Fred Binczewski

Membership Co-Chair
Email: fred@upreisecg.com

Lauren Waltz

Email: lauren.waltz@meddata.com

Doug Barry

Program Co-Chair
Email: doug.barry@mazarusa.com

Perla Pace

Program Co-Chair
Email: Perla.pace@sharp.com

Dan Bannister

Cvent & Webinars
Email: dan.bannister@sharp.com
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Beata Piehl

Bio: Click Here

Julie Haluska

Awards and Recognitions
Email: jhaluska@argoshealth.com

John Garcia

Email: jgarcia@avadynehealth.com

Our chapter’s Certified Members and Fellows:

  • Fahd Benjalil, FHFMA
  • Roger Blackwell, CHFP
  • Andrew Burns, CHFP
  • Daniel Chambers, CHFP
  • David Chevallard, CHFP
  • William M. Comer Jr., FHFMA, CPA, CMPE
  • Jerome Davis, CHFP
  • Mendy-Sue L. Drew, FHFMA
  • Craig D. Du Fault, CHFP
  • John M. Garcia, FHFMA
  • Andrea C. Gonzalez, CHFP
  • Mary Grossman-Scudder, CHFP
  • Alec Hendry, CHFP
  • Reid Hollyfield, FHFMA
  • Alece L. Hon, FHFMA
  • Joon Kim, CHFP, CRCR
  • Thomas S. Kumura, FHFMA
  • Jeffrey M. Lambert, FHFMA, CMA
  • C. Patrick Lash, FHFMA, CPA
  • Marianna Martinez, CRCR, CHFP
  • Mason Matalon, CHFP
  • Terri L. Meier, CHFP, CRCR
  • Mayflor A Mejia-Obispo, CHFP
  • Maya Mohan, FHFMA
  • Maxwell A. Owens, FHFMA, CRCR
  • Urvashi Pathak, CHFP
  • Zachary Pecyna, CHFP
  • Beata Piehl, CHFP
  • Sean Putnam, CHFP
  • Judy A. Riesen, FHFMA
  • Christopher L Stallard, CHFP
  • Brett Steigerwald, CHFP
  • Leticia Stewart, CHFP
  • Lisa Marie Thakur, FHFMA, CPA
  • Andrew Toth, CHFP
  • Xiang Wu, CHFP
  • Alexander Zamora, CHFP

The certification committee has one main focus – to get you certified. Our motto is “Just do it,” (take the test that is!)  Are you interested in becoming a certified member?  Check out the invaluable information on National’s website.  https://www.hfma.org/certification/

Chapter contact:

Chair: John Garcia, FHFMA
Avadyne Health
Email: jgarcia@avadynehealth.com

Chapter Information

The San Diego-Imperial Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is a professional membership organization for individuals in financial management of healthcare institutions and related patient organizations. Refer to the following links to learn more about our chapter.

Our Chapter leaders are here to serve the members. If you have any suggestions to improve our services; or would like to participate on a committee; or have an idea for educational programming or social events please feel free to contact any of our Chapter officersboard members or committee chairpersons.

Below is a listing of our Chapter’s Founders Merit Award Series recipients.

Interested in Certification? Here are our current certified members and information about how to become certified.

HFMA San Diego Imperial Chapter Past Presidents.

Our Chapter offers many services to our members, as well as many ways to volunteer your services and become involved in the Chapter.

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HFMA National Contact provides key National information